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About The Artists
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James Samimi

Sina’s artistic pursuits began as a junior high school student. He would spend his time composing poetry, short stories, and reflecting on philosophical questions. He was searching for his purpose and seeking a medium with which to express his passion, his love, and fascination with life. Most importantly he was seeking a method with which to channel his emotions. Writing and reading were healthy and creative pursuits, perhaps a stepping stone for his desire to gradually express himself in a manner in which he thus far never had before.

In high school Sina became enchanted with the way that music drew people together from different passions and walks of life. As a child he had taken guitar lessons, but it was at this time that his fascination with this instrument rekindled and would gradually grow into a passionate fire within his soul. The seeds had been sown for the pursuit of the art of flamenco.

It was not long before flamenco became engraved in Sina’s mind. He researched the culture and its history and realized that along with the guitar came a profoundly rich tradition of singing and dancing. The guitar’s role is to accompany and add vibrance and soul to this ultimate package of expression, passion, and emotion known as flamenco. Federico Garcia Lorca’s references to the “Duende” that underlies the emotional connection that flamenco performers feel when the rhythm, the sound, and expression are all in perfect harmony and timing were introduced to Sina at this time.

Sina began his studies of flamenco guitar and immersed himself in the music of Paco de Lucia, Sabicas, Paco Pena, as well as the work of various other flamenco luminaries. He studied under the tutelage of Ted Mckown, a founding member of the Orange County Classical Guitar Circle and honed his skills. He amassed a growing repertoire of traditional flamenco material and gradually began developing his own style. Along with Kenji Bakuya, Sina began accompanying flamenco dancers at the Blanca Luz Dance Academy and he is focused on making himself a complete flamenco guitarist able to perform concert level solos along with accompanying cante and flamenco dance. Flamenco is indeed a lifelong pursuit and he truly has found what he considers to be his ultimate artistic fulfillment and this is the art of flamenco, his medium: the flamenco guitar.