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Aida Ganddini

Aida was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala to parents of Spanish, Italian, and Mayan heritage. This colorful background has made up the tapestry that has become her life; dancing flamenco since four years of age, writing poetry to express emotions, and painting with the vivid colors of her childhood in Guatemala. Aida feels blessed to have a mother who always encouraged creativity. She has been performing as far back as she can remember, with her mother making her beautiful dresses when she was a child. Because of this support and encouragement, she is passionate about flamenco, poetry, and painting.

Castanets hand carved for her by Paco Galiano were in her hands when she was five years old. This little pair of castanets is still a treasured part of her life and sometimes played at flamenco performances to show off their unique high pitch. Flamenco and the expressive passion of the art runs through Aida’s veins. This often translates into the need, not merely the inspiration to dance, and the essence of the soul of flamenco takes over producing exquisite improvised moments of dance.

Aida feels it is her mission in life to contribute moments of beauty whenever and wherever she can. She will tell you that she "loves to love" and for her there is no other path, "ningun otro camino", than the path of flamenco, poetry, and art. El camino flamenco for her, encompasses all these passions that live constantly in a quiet place, and come to fruition in the moment of the dance.

Aida, along with her husband Ron Deak, are the owners of Villas & Verandas Fine Art Gallery in San Juan Capistrano (http://www.villasandverandas.com), where she is close to Mission San Juan Capistrano, one of her favorite places to write, paint and dance flamenco.